My experience renting a car in Dubai was amazing in every aspect. I never imagined that I would spend an entire month in Dubai with absolute freedom of movement, exploring the stunning landmarks of the city with complete safety in driving, thanks to Entourage Car Rental.

As many people prefer to hear about others’ experiences before renting a car, I’ll briefly share my experience in this article about renting a car in Dubai and highlight the key benefits and rental conditions.

Importance of Exploring Others’ Experiences and Renting Cars in Dubai

Before traveling to another country, many of us seek information about that country, researching its lifestyle and transportation options.

Some of us delve into the details of the transportation network and parking facilities available in the country we are traveling to.

Others prefer to save time in transportation, and due to their financial capabilities, they choose to rent a car.

That’s why we have dedicated the following lines to guide you in choosing the best place to rent a car in Dubai.

This is done by presenting some experiences and tips from individuals who have traveled to Dubai and extensively researched car rental companies spread across the Emirates.

By reviewing these experiences, you will gain insight into these companies and may consider them as your primary options to inquire about and explore their rental car prices.

However, as we mentioned earlier, our following lines are intended for those who wish to rent a car. If public transportation is your choice, you may not need to continue reading with us, as indicated by our next heading.

Do you prefer experiencing renting a car in Dubai?


Whether your destination is Dubai for tourism or residence for a period, renting a car in Dubai is an ideal choice.

From my experience in renting a car in Dubai,

I found that renting a car surpasses public transportation in terms of owning and managing your time as you wish.

There’s no waiting for the bus or metro schedule; you’re the master of your time, arriving at your destination whenever you want, not when public transportation schedules dictate.

On the other hand, you can maintain your privacy when driving your rented car or even when renting a car in Dubai with a driver.

You can sit comfortably in the backseat, relaxing until you reach your desired destination, without the hassle or inconvenience experienced on public buses.

As for the cost, the experience of renting a car in Dubai is economical compared to buying a car in Dubai.

Even if your stay in Dubai is long, you are not responsible for additional costs associated with owning a car, such as regular maintenance, tire replacement, and mechanical checks.

All you need to do is adhere to the terms of renting a car in Dubai that you agreed to in advance, and you will be in utmost comfort and safety.

Perhaps now you are excited to know the details of my experience in renting a car in Dubai through Entourage Car Rental.

My experience in renting a car in Dubai with Entourage Car Rental


this summer was nothing short of extraordinary, With the decision to explore the modern tourist hub of Dubai,

my friends and I embarked on a journey to immerse ourselves in its enchanting atmosphere.

Having valid driving licenses recognized within the UAE and meeting the legal age requirement of over 23, renting a car in Dubai was a breeze for us.

However, the crucial decision lay in choosing the right car rental company in Dubai.

After browsing several websites of luxury car rental companies in Dubai, we ultimately chose Entourage Car Rental.

Their impressive fleet of the latest luxurious cars was simply unmatched and unparalleled compared to others.

Not to mention, the prices were reasonable overall and comparable to other companies,

especially considering the modernity of the car models offered and the services included in the rental contract.

We didn’t miss the opportunity to reach out to the support team at Entourage, and we were able to finalize our rental options and sign the contract with ease.

By the way, you can also click on the WhatsApp icon for easy communication with the company.

renting a car in Dubai with Entourage Car Rental was an exhilarating experience that added an extra layer of excitement to our Dubai adventure.

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My experience renting a Porsche in Dubai with Entourage Car Rental


was truly unforgettable. I didn’t have to search much on the website, despite the variety of stunning models available, because I had already decided on renting a Porsche Boxster. In my opinion, it’s the epitome of modern, feminine energy, like a spirited woman navigating through life!

After signing the contract at the exact price specified on the website, without any additional charges – at a rate of AED 1299 per day – and ensuring the validity of my driver’s license and matching personal identification, I received the car with a full tank of fuel.

From my perspective, this is a positive point to be credited to the company. Moreover, the car was immaculately clean both inside and out, equipped with chilled water bottles. For a moment, I felt like I was buying a car from the exclusive dealership.

Despite its compact size with only two comfortable seats, I was able to choose who I wanted to accompany me in the car.

Additionally, the seats were comfortable, and the car was equipped with all the modern amenities that provide both safe and comfortable driving simultaneously.

The convertible roof of the car added to the beauty of our visit to Dubai Marina, enhancing the allure of the place. 

The car effortlessly sped along the highway, leading us to our next destination, Dubai Safari.

Upon concluding my trip and due to time constraints, I couldn’t return the car to the company’s headquarters. So, I inquired about the possibility of returning the car to the nearest point to my residence.

My request was accommodated, and the nearest location was arranged for me to return the car.

After a thorough inspection of the car, I signed an agreement to refund the entire insurance amount previously submitted by me to the company, on a specified date as agreed upon.

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My experience with renting a Mercedes in Dubai was truly exceptional


Majed, a friend who opted for renting a Mercedes G 63 – known as the G-Class – shared his thoughts:

“I never expected to find a rented Mercedes G-Class with such splendor and luxury. Within a comprehensive fleet of Mercedes-Benz cars for rent in Dubai, I chose to rent the G-Class from Entourage Car Rental.

Of course, the specifications of this car are well-known, but what truly impressed me was Entourage’s ability to rent out perfect cars that keep up with the latest models every year and perform flawlessly.

The car was so perfect that it felt like a dream, and all of this at an incredible price, not exceeding AED 2300 per day.

How many times have you rented a car and had a bad experience due to poor service from the company staff or falling victim to scams, renting a car that’s closer to scrap under false and flashy advertising?

For me, this isn’t the first time dealing with Entourage. I rented a Ferrari from them two years ago, and it was an unbelievable experience!

Moreover, when I got lost in the Dubai desert – despite my belief in my good knowledge of it – the Entourage support team spared no effort to assist me. They accurately located me and dispatched the necessary assistance.

Of course, no additional charges or hidden fees were requested beyond the costs specified in the contract.

Every time I rent a car from Entourage, I feel like it’s an experience worth repeating again and again.”

By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to book your dream car and premium car rental dubai have an unforgettable trip.

Exciting Rental Terms for Entourage Car Rental in Dubai

If you’re gearing up to rent a car from Entourage Car Rental in Dubai, get ready for an adventure like no other! Here are the thrilling rental conditions you need to know:

1. Visa Page: Make sure you have a copy of your visa page from your passport handy. It’s your ticket to exploring Dubai’s vibrant streets in style.

2. International Driving Permit (IDP) or UAE License: Rev up your driving experience with a valid International Driving Permit or a current UAE driving license. Get ready to hit the road with confidence.

3. Credit/Debit Card: Keep your payment options open and your adrenaline pumping with a credit or debit card. It’s your passport to convenience and flexibility.

4. Minimum Driving Experience: Feel the rush of the open road with a valid driving license for at least one year. It’s time to unleash your driving skills on Dubai’s iconic highways.

5. Age Requirement: Want to cruise around in a family car? You’ve got to be at least 21 years old to rev up the excitement.

Get set for an unforgettable journey with Entourage Car Rental in Dubai. It’s time to turn your rental experience into the adventure of a lifetime.

This service of Luxury Car Hire in Dubai from Entourage Best Luxury Car Rental in Dubai not only provides access to a fleet of elite vehicles rent in dubai.

Why Choose Entourage for Your Car Rental Experience in Dubai?


Entourage stands out as one of the premier car rental companies in Dubai, renowned for its stellar reputation and reliability in dealing with top suppliers across the United Arab Emirates, not just in Dubai alone.

Here’s why you should consider embarking on your car rental journey with Entourage:

1. Secure Booking: With Entourage, you can rest assured of a secure reservation process through a well-established online platform.

2. No Hidden Costs: Customers bear no additional expenses as Entourage covers maintenance and repair costs for its clients.

3. Flexible Mileage: The company offers open mileage options, ensuring flexibility for renters.

4. Corporate and Long-Term Rentals: Entourage facilitates ease in renting large numbers of cars for companies or for extended durations.

5. Online Booking and Roadside Assistance: Enjoy the convenience of online booking and prompt roadside assistance in emergencies, including the provision of a replacement car in case of accidents.

6. Diverse Fleet: Entourage boasts a diverse range of vehicles to cater to every customer’s needs, from economical cars to minivans, versatile SUVs, and luxurious rides.

7. Reasonable Pricing: Even with luxurious and upscale cars, Entourage ensures that its pricing remains fair and commensurate with the vehicle’s model and capabilities.

8. Free Cancellation: Entourage offers free cancellation of luxury car rental bookings in Dubai in case of a change of plans.

Don’t hesitate! Reach out to Entourage now at +971 2906 119 050 or simply tap on the WhatsApp icon to begin your hassle-free car rental experience in Dubai.

Opting for luxury car rental in Dubai on an hourly basis, at Best car rental daily dubai company presents an ideal solution for business meetings, events, and photoshoots.

Top Tips for Renting a Car in Dubai: Enhance Your Experience

Here are some exhilarating tips based on my experience with renting a car in Dubai, aimed at ensuring you have a spectacular car rental experience that enhances both your vacation and work trips:

First and foremost, make your reservation as soon as your travel plans are confirmed to avoid any price hikes later on and secure the type of car you desire. Even if you’re embarking on a spontaneous trip, it’s advisable to book the night before your travel date.

Book your car pick-up appointment approximately two and a half hours before your flight departure time to allow for convenient scheduling, as car rental companies may charge fees for delays.

You might find it beneficial and safer to opt for an additional driver, especially when sharing driving duties or navigating unfamiliar speed limits, new road signs, and different traffic laws.

Ensure you fully understand what is covered (and what isn’t) by insurance to avoid any surprises later if something unexpected occurs.

Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions specific to your rented car before hitting the road.

Get well acquainted with the costs involved, including car rental rates in Dubai and any additional add-ons you might desire, such as an extra driver or drop-off at a different location from pick-up.

Don’t forget to bring along your additional equipment, such as baby and child seats, to avoid last-minute hassles and ensure quality, thus saving on daily rental fees.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask all the questions you have and inquire about specifics from the car rental company in Dubai, including how to pick up the car, their fuel policy, local toll gate information, and more.

By following these electrifying tips, you’re guaranteed to embark on a thrilling car rental journey in Dubai with confidence and ease.

Our commitment is to keep customers informed through our blog about the latest traffic regulations set by the Dubai RTA. Contact us soon.

In conclusion, we have reached the end of my article detailing my experience with renting a car in Dubai. Throughout, we highlighted the key features that distinguish customers’ experiences when renting a car from the Anturaj Rent a Car fleet in Dubai.

Entourage Rent a Car in Dubai offers a wide range of luxury and sports cars for monthly rental basis.

such as:

most important inquiries about My experience renting a car in Dubai

1. Which is the best car rental company in Dubai?

Based on my experience renting a car in Dubai, I can confidently say that Anturaj Luxury Car Rental in Dubai stands out as the premier choice among car rental companies. With its vast fleet comprising the latest models of luxury cars and competitive prices, it has established itself as the leader in the industry.

2. How can I contact a car rental company in Dubai?

You can easily reach out to Anturaj by clicking on the WhatsApp icon or calling their phone number at 2906 119 050.

3. Can I rent a car from Anturaj for a long period?

 Absolutely. Additionally, Entourage offers attractive deals for long-term rental contracts. Contact the company at 2906 119 050 for full details and information on long-term leasing options.