Car rental prices in Dubai vary depending on the type of car, rental period, and quality of services, but you can combine the affordable price with the ideal car if you choose Entourage, the best car rental company in Dubai.

In Entourage we offer the best luxury car rental prices in Dubai and If you compare our prices with other rental companies, you will find that Entourage is the cheapest luxury car rental Dubai with ultimate services at relatively affordable costs.

luxury car rental prices in dubai

luxury car rent Dubai
luxury Lamborghini rent Dubai

 Entourage offers a varied array of luxury car rental Dubai best price of Latest models 

with the cheapest luxury car rental Dubai

And for supercar hire Dubai cost, Entourage is dedicated to providing competitive pricing,

making opulent car rentals accessible to a broad clientele without compromising on quality.

Here  We will save you the trouble of searching by offering luxury car rental Dubai price list : 

lamborghini dubai rent price

Lamborghini rental in Dubai price depends on the model, the duration, the location,

and the season

And Lamborghini hire Dubai cost in Dubai for one day in January 2024 ranges

from 2700 to 6800 AED.

At Entourage Car Rental Services, you can rent the Lamborghini Aventador Sports

for a starting price of 6,499 AED per day.

Lamborghini hire Dubai price includes comprehensive insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance,

and free delivery and pickup within Dubai.

 At Entourage Car you can find Dubai Lamborghini rental per hour with the best

cost of renting Lamborghini in Dubai

It’s important to note that Dubai rent a car Lamborghini price may vary depending on the

duration of the rental and additional services chosen.

If you desire to rent a Lamborghini in Dubai for an hour price, make your dream come true

and Contact us in Entourage to offer countless benefits.

rolls royce rent price in dubai

Renting rolls Royce in Dubai
Renting rolls Royce in Dubai

Renting rolls Royce in Dubai has many benefits, making it a popular choice among

visitors and the perfect choice for you

If you are in Dubai for an invitation for a wedding or even a birthday to create

unforgettable memories.

that’s why ENTOURAGE offers the best Dubai rolls Royce rental price With many types

and colors to suit different tastes

rent rolls Royce in Dubai price is approximately 3500 AED per day and even more

depends on the type of the car.

rent ferrari dubai price

ferrari car rental prices in dubai
Hire Ferrari Spider Dubai

ENTOURAGE provides a range of different rental packages of Ferrari cars with the best Dubai Ferrari rental cost

Ferrari rent price in Dubai will vary  depending on your needs and preferences

and for sure  ENTOURAGE offers a unique experience for those who want to rent a Ferrari ,

 as they provide a range of different models to choose from, including the Ferrari 488 Spider, Ferrari 488 GTB, and the Ferrari Tributo.

Ferrari hire Dubai price is 2700 AED per day for Ferrari GTP and the cost of renting a Ferrari in Dubai for spider 488 is 2999 AED per day.

 If you want to rent a Ferrari in Dubai for an hour and experience the thrill of driving a Ferrari

Then you must try Ferrari Tributo and Dubai Ferrari rent price of this type is 3200 AED per day.

porsche rental dubai price

Renting a Porsche for a day provides you with the opportunity to experience this thrill for yourself.

luxury car rental in Dubai price as rent Porsche Taycan turbo is 2499 AED per day

and sports car rental Dubai price like Porsche Cayene is only 1340 AED per day.

range rover rental dubai price

If you have an essential business meeting in Dubai and need the best price car rental Dubai

and at the same time you want to show the luxury and greatness, 

feel free to call Entourage to provide you with the perfect low cost rent a car Dubai

that could suit your style and preferences.

And Without any doubt rent range rover velar Dubai is the best choice for you if you want

to rent a car Dubai cheap price

it only costs 740 AED per day and this is for sure  the best car rental rates in Dubai.

We pride ourselves on providing top notch rental services at affordable prices, offering high quality luxury, sports, family, economy and SUV vehicles that stand out. Contact us

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How to rent a supercar dubai price

If you desire to rent car Dubai low cost but you don’t have enough time to find the right car rental Dubai best price .

Then ENTOURAGE is the best way to find the cheapest luxury car rental Dubai, and the process for  rent super car Dubai is a straightforward and hassle-free process with us. 

Here’s how to rent best value car rental Dubai :

  • Please browse the website and choose the luxury car you want with the best rental car deals dubai
  • Select the date and time you want to rent the car, and the duration of your rental.
  • Fill out the reservation form with your personal information and payment details.
  • ENTOURAGE will confirm your reservation and provide you with the best long term car lease Dubai prices and with the details of your rental, including the pick-up and drop-off location.

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how much does it cost to rent a car in dubai ?

luxury car hire Dubai prices depends on various factors, such as the car type, the rental duration, the location, the insurance, and the season.

the average price of supercar hire Dubai cost for two days is 27 Euros for an economy car.

33 Euros for an intermediate car, and 71 Euros for a luxury car.

However, luxury car rent Dubai price may vary depending on the availability and demand of the car rental companies.

Entourage the best rental car deals dubai

Entourage best car rental prices in Dubai
Entourage best car rental prices in Dubai

In the realm of luxury car rentals in Dubai, one company that stands out is Entourage Car Rental Company. As an independent entity based in the vibrant city of Dubai.

Entourage has carved a niche for itself in providing a premium and personalized experience for those seeking to indulge in luxury transportation.

Entourage Car Rental Company takes pride in its carefully curated fleet of luxury vehicles, spanning sleek sports cars to sophisticated sedans.

Each vehicle is meticulously maintained to meet the highest standards of performance and aesthetics.

Recognizing diverse client preferences. Entourage offers a varied array of luxury car models,

and catering to those seeking the thrill of high-performance sports cars or the refined elegance of luxury sedans.

Despite its emphasis on luxury, Entourage is dedicated to providing competitive pricing,

making opulent car rentals accessible to a broad clientele without compromising on quality.

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rent a car with driver in dubai price

rent a car with driver in dubai
rent a car with driver in Dubai

If you intend to explore the beauty of Dubai in the utmost style with affordable dubai car hire with driver cost .

,Of course Entourage a lot of  car for rent in dubai with driver price  Which suits all budgets and needs. 

Whether a job interview, a family trip, or a romantic dinner .

rent a car in dubai with driver rates varies depending on the type of car, the rental period, and the type of trip

Having your personal driver with supercar hire dubai cost is more convenient and stress-free than being on public transportation.

It won’t be luxurious, or you might have to waste more time instead of enjoying the fantastic atmosphere of Dubai.

You can hire a driver with car rental Dubai best price daily, monthly, and weekly

.And you don’t have to worry because, through our reservation system,

you can hire a driver to act as your personal chauffeur for the day or evening,

no matter how many stops you need to make.

We at Entourage enable you to hire safe, professional, and highly trained drivers 24/7 who will work exclusively for your comfort.  Contact  us

What is the security deposit for renting a luxury car in Dubai?

The security deposit for renting a luxury car in Dubai is a sum of money that the car rental company holds

as a guarantee in case of any damages, late returns, or other fees.

The amount of the security deposit depends on the car type, the rental duration, the insurance policy,

and the rental company.

the security deposit typically ranges from 85% to 150% of the rental amount.

For example, if you rent a luxury car for 71 Euros per day, you may have to pay a security

deposit of 60 to 106 Euros.

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Dubai driving rules and requirements you must know

Even though there are many advantages, there are also some road and driving rules

that you have to take into consideration before you decide to rent a car, such as the following :

  • International Driving Permit: Passport holders from all GCC countries, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada can use the driving license issued from their own country to drive in Dubai. 
  • Visitors from other countries must have a valid International Driving Permit (IDP). The rules can change,
  • Age: You must be 21+ to rent a car in Dubai.
  • Credit card: Most Dubai rental companies will require you to use a credit card as payment for the car rental, which will then be automatically used if fines or fees are incurred.
  • Insurance: By law, all car rental insurance dubai include third-party cover. Some travel insurance policies may cover car rentals, but most rental companies will offer additional insurance for a fee, which can be high if you decide on the spot. Plan to ensure you have the right insurance at the best price possible.
  • Travel outside the UAE: If you plan to drive to a neighboring country, you’ll need extra paperwork from your rental company to do this

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Driving rules in dubai for tourists

Make sure you know the rules and car restrictions in Dubai , which include the following:

  • Drive on the right: If you come from a country that drives on the left, be prepared to switch sides.
  • Speed limits are in kilometers per hour: Stay clear with miles.
  • Minimum speed limits: On busy highways, there may be a minimum speed you need to drive at, usually 60km/h.
  • Be aware of speed cameras: Dubai takes road safety seriously, and you risk a hefty fine if caught speeding.
  • Don’t drink and drive: There is no legal amount of alcohol that is permitted for drivers in Dubai – so if you drink, don’t drive.

cheapest rent a car in dubai

In conclusion, Best Car Rental Prices in Dubai, renting a luxury car dubai from Entourage Car Rental Company is the best way to experience Dubai in style.

You can choose cheapest car rental bur dubai from a wide range of cars, enjoy, insurance, and chauffeur service and even cheapest car rental in dubai airport

So don’t miss the opportunity and get access to special offers and discounts.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, Entourage Car Rental Company will make your trip unforgettable.

Don’t wait, book your car today and unlock the adventure, rent with confidence.

Booking a luxury car in Dubai for your needs can always be challenging with Superior Car RentalsContact  us, we are available at your service.

Q: What makes Entourage Car Rental Company the best choice for renting a luxury car in Dubai?

A: Entourage offers a diverse fleet of exotic cars, inclusive insurance, optional chauffeur service, and exclusive discounts, providing an unparalleled experience in Dubai.

Q: Can I get special offers or discounts when renting a car from Entourage?

A: Yes, Entourage Car Rental Company provides access to special offers and discounts, ensuring you get the best value for your luxury car rental in Dubai.