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When you rent Rolls-Royce Dubai, which is one of the most luxurious and most expensive cars, and the closest to the children of the aristocracy that has been interested in this type of luxury English cars since its early days, a luxurious car that combines the past, its originality, the present and its luxury, the car works under any conditions as it has been tried in all parts of the earth East and West.
The interior is very spacious, The space between the rear seat and the front has expanded so that the passengers can enjoy a wonderful driving of a luxury car where the car is equipped with wide rear seats made of natural leather manually and the doors are covered with types of wood divided into six types from which the customer chooses what he wants and is distinguished by luxury .

Features of rent Rolls Royce in Dubai at Entourage Car
A large variety of cars for rental in Dubai.
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Speed delivery of the car to the customer anywhere in Dubai.
The service to respond to inquiries is very fast and you can contact us by Phone or WhatsApp.
At our website, we try to provide the most luxury types of Rolls Royce cars.

Rolls-Royce Cars at a Glance
Rolls-Royce is one of the oldest and most luxurious international companies in the luxury car industry, as it innovates over the past years and shines through the best models it offers, which is considered a first choice for heads of state and all the people of the aristocratic class, as it is one of the most luxurious and expensive cars and the closest to the children of the aristocracy Which has been interested in this type of luxury cars since its early days, as this car has been since 1946 AD assembled by hand at its historic site in Crewe, northern England.

Rolls-Royce became famous and spread and its first intervention in the design of luxury cars and its first imprint is the Phantom, as it was produced with special specifications for kings and presidents and made in an eye-catching fashion in the Arab world.
Some of our Rolls Royce cars for rent in Dubai
Rent Rolls Royce cullinan Dubai

The Cullinan – named after the world’s largest diamond – is intended as the ultimate expression of luxury SUV motoring. The Cullinan benefits from Rolls-Royce’s uncompromising approach to hand-built attention to detail, material quality, refinement and comfortThe Cullinan is large and heavy but its power and agility are impressive.

Rolls-Royce is betting on the Cullinan appealing to owner-drivers – as opposed to its traditional chauffeur-driven customer base. Development took this into account and so the Cullinan is amongst the best in the range from a driver’s point of view.

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is worthy of its prestigious badge – no other SUV on sale can match it for luxury, build quality or refinement. Like all Rolls-Royce cars it’s big, heavy.

Engine and performane

The Cullinan is powered by a 6.75-liter V12 twin-turbo petrol engine that produces 563 hp and an impressive torque of 850 Nm. It's enough for five seconds from 0-60 mph and an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph. It's paired with an eight-speed automatic gearbox that is just as smooth as it gets, thanks in part to smart technology with the help of GPS.

Satellite navigation system, stereo, infotainment system

The Cullinan is packed with some very smart technology and we note that there are relatively few buttons on the dashboard and center console compared to other high-end SUVs. It features a 360-degree parking camera, front-end display, night vision and in-flight Wi-Fi, along with a large BMW infotainment screen.

Reliability and safety

A robust vehicle platform and a host of high-tech safety and driver assistance systems should provide peace of mind. Night vision, wildlife and pedestrian warning, driver alert assistance, a 360-degree camera, active cruise control, all kinds of lane departure and traffic warnings are all included as standard.


Buyers can choose from a number of rear seat designs, from a traditional three-person seat to a pair of luxurious individual items on either side of the center console's wine cabinet for maximum passenger comfort.

For the driver the visibility is great and it is easy to find a comfortable driving position and drive in the large front seat.

the size

It is exactly 2 meters wide and just over 5.3 meters in length and the Cullinan is a shadow over 1.8 meters high.
Rent Rolls Royce Dawn Dubai

Dawn is a pretty big deal. According to designer Giles Taylor, it was named after the extremely rare Silver Dawn in the 1950s and fills a newly emerging gap in Rolls' portfolio: the Phantom Drophead Coupe is fading and won't be replaced until 2018. Thus, Dawn is driving the cost of younger, more dynamic customers.

It's a Wraith soft cover too. 80 percent of the body panels are unique and even the frames are custom made. It's not a shrinking of violets and it's something that drops the jaw in the flesh: Needless to say, the price of a quarter of a million pounds is just the starting point.

Rolls-Royce Dawn gives viewers a better insight into how the other half lives. With its canvas upper down, Dawn allows the sun to shine in one of the most luxurious automotive interiors - handcrafted in premium leather, real metal and original wood trimmings to buyer's exact specifications.

Engine and performance

Under the hood there is a 6.6-liter V-12 twin-turbo engine. It pumps 563 hp and Dawn sprints 60 mph in just 4.3 seconds. It moves agile and deliberately and the eight-speed automatic transmission is tuned for quietness. GPS is used to determine when to change gears, taking into account whether the vehicle is heading uphill, downhill, or around bends.

Fuel economy and MPG in the real world

Dawn is not particularly fuel efficient at 12 mpg city and 18 mpg highway.


Rear hinged doors provide easy access to the Dawn cabin, which seats four adults. Passengers will be dazzled by the gorgeous buttery smooth leather and acres of real wood trim. Buyers can opt for a massage function for the front seats and thick lambswool floor mats to spoil the fingers of anyone lucky enough to come for the ride. As for storage space, the Dawn Box is on the small side of a large car - blame the convertible top - but it should provide enough room for a pair of carrycases.

Infotainment and communication

Rolls-Royce offers a TV tuner as an option so that passengers can watch their favorite shows on the go. Navigation with real-time traffic updates is also provided as standard, and an 18-speaker stereo system delivers enough acoustic strokes to drown out wind and road noise.

Safety features

It includes a new night vision system to help drivers see animals or pedestrians when driving after dark. Key safety features include standard forward collision warning, lane departure warning and available adaptive cruise control with night vision
Rent Rolls Royce Wraith Dubai

Rolls-Royce Wraith 2021 targets the rich and delivers the ultimate in luxury and comfort. All E models come with a 624hp V-12, rear hinged doors and the signature Spirit of Ecstasy hood trim.

Rolls-Royce Wraith is sold in one piece with a lot of amenities: Adaptive Headlights with Automatic Leveling System; Rain-sensing windshield wipers; LED taillights, power folding side mirrors and auto-dimming provide the front row seats with eight-way adjustment, and every seat in the cabin is heated. All models come with automatic dual-zone climate control as well as an auto-dimming rearview mirror and an electrically adjustable steering column.

Technically speaking, the Wraith features 18 stereo speakers, Wi-Fi hotspot, parking sensors, and lane departure warning.

Engine and performance

Wraith's impressive 6.6-liter twin-turbocharged V-12 engine produces 624 horsepower and 605 lb-ft of torque and mates with an eight-speed automatic transmission and the air suspension is calibrated to prevent bumps and bumps from crashing into the vehicle's occupants. It can be said that Wraith is rushing at 60 mph

Fuel economy

Rolls-Royce Wraith has a fuel consumption of 12 mpg city and 18 mpg highway.


The Rolls-Royce Wraith Coupe seats four, with a bucket seat at every corner and the center console is decorated with a pair of neat circular vents, and the front seats feature a massage feature that can soothe sore muscles on long trips. This large tourer offers more space for your things and includes a menu Options Wraith ventilated front seats along with a range of interior upholstery and finish options.

Infotainment and communication

It houses a navigation system and a stereo device with 18 speakers, plus standard Bluetooth and audio streaming, plus Wi-Fi connectivity.

Safety features

Key safety features include standard lane departure warning and standard front and rear parking sensors as standard available adaptive cruise control
Rent Rolls Royce Ghost Dubai
[caption id="attachment_8268" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Rolls Royce Ghost[/caption]

Ghost. It's a fitting name for a model that fits neither in the present nor in the future, at least as far as Rolls-Royce product planners are concerned.

Ghost has powered cab access doors - a sanctuary lined with some of the best materials in cars. The interior also provides ample space for both front and rear passengers to relax in comfort.

The Ghost for the first time sits on the same "luxury architecture" made of custom-made aluminum.

Engine and performance

The 6.7-liter 563-horsepower V-12 engine is shared with the Cullinan SUV. An eight-speed automatic transmission handles shifting tasks, and all-wheel drive is standard. According to Rolls-Royce, Ghost is capable of reaching 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds, and Ghost offers unparalleled ride thanks to a standard adaptive suspension that uses a road-scanning camera to help the car anticipate potholes and compensate for potholes.

Fuel economy

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the ghost will return 12 mpg city and 19 mpg highway.


Like the cabin of any Rolls-Royce, the new Ghost is luxurious on the inside, with every roof, handle, switch and winch made of the highest quality materials. Rolls-Royce surpasses all that is new. Think thick rug, delicately grained leather, real wood and metal, and even an available headliner with small built-in LED lights to mimic a starlit sky plus have massage benches, an entertainment system, and an acre of legroom.

Infotainment and communication

Wi-Fi hotspot and large infotainment touchscreen with built-in navigation. The dual-screen entertainment system for the rear seats allows passengers to set the radio, enter destinations to navigate and more. Rolls-Royce also offers an 18-speaker Bespoke stereo system with 1,300 watts of power.

Safety features

Key safety features include standard automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, standard lane departure warning with lane-keeping assistance and standard adaptive cruise control.
Required paperwork and procedures in order to rent a car at EntourageCar.

The documents required to rent a car in Dubai vary for residents and tourists.For example, car rental companies in Dubai usually require residents to show copies of their passport, residence visa, valid UAE driving license and Emirates ID card, and on the other hand, people have to submit the following documents to rent a car in Dubai:

The original passport.
The original visitor visa.
International driver's license for non-residence holders.
Original driver's license from their home country.
For the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, some European countries and the world, a driving license in the country of origin is sufficient.


Identify and order the vehicle

Renting a car in Dubai is easy with Entourage Car and the first thing you need to do in order to request a car rental is to go to the car page within the website and just contact us via phone or WhatsApp +971-50-920-2906.

Reserve a car

If the vehicle is available, we will reserve it for you on the requested date and time, and We deliver it to your exact location.

Receive the car

On the date of delivery, we will send the car to you wherever you are or you can come to the company’s headquarters to receive it yourself. Please bring your documents with you (passport – driver’s license – credit card), and you will receive your car, pay the amount and sign the contract. We do manual inspection for the damages and condition of the vehicle in the contract, and we also take high-quality photos of all corners of the car before we deliver the car to you.
Features of car rental from Entourage Car
The latest cars and international models of all types, classes, looks and performance at competitive prices.

Providing distinguished services to keep pace with the latest services in the world car rental market.

Maintenance and repair work is covered during the warranty period, with the ability to pre-book for maintenance whenever you want.

Immediate communication with us by the customer in the event of a sudden breakdown in the car.

The possibility of receiving the car from anywhere the customer chooses.

Free inquiries and reservations by phone or WhatsApp.

Multiple payment options.
Of the frequently asked questions on rolls royce cars
How long does a Rolls Royce car last?

70 years, Rolls Royce vehicles have been known to last for 70 years or more, and yours can to. Naturally, you're free to drive your Rolls Royce as often as you like. However, vehicles that put on a lot of miles quickly generally don't last for as many years.

Why is Rolls Royce so costly?

One of the important factor to the price is the paint job done on the car, yes the paint done on the Rolls Royce are the most expensive ones. Rolls Royce has 44000 colors and the colors are painted as per the demand of the customers.

When can I sell my Rolls-Royce shares?

The Rolls-Royce data protection policy sets out how your information is stored and used.

How do I sell my Shares?

You can sell your shares either immediately on the release date of one of your plans, or at a later date from the Vested Share Account (VSA).

What are the four choices facing existing Rolls investors?

1.Subscribe for the new shares, which means you have to invest more money in the company.

2.You can choose to sell some of the shares so you can the buy rest with the proceeds.

3.The third option is to sell all the rights.

4.Do nothing and let your rights lapse.

What does the number #12345 in the photos' captions mean?

This is the chassis number which uniquely identifies each car.

About the history of the brand

In 1884 Henry Royce presented his first car with a two-cylinder petrol engine bearing the name of Royce 10, This engine was presented to the owner of a car dealership, Mr. Charles Rolls, who was impressed by the performance and efficiency of the car.

The two men agreed to establish their own company and on December 24, 1904, they founded the Rolls Royce Company.

The company's first models were 4 classes of Royce ten with ten horsepower, fifteen horsepower, twenty horsepower and thirty horsepower.

The Rolls Royce company continued to design the most luxurious and elegant cars for the middle class, and in 1931 another company of the same class included it, the British Bentley Company.

In the 1940's, Rolls-Royce opened its famous factory (croy) in England.

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, Volkswagen was able to acquire the trademark of the British company, and then the ownership of the intellectual rights to BMW transferred to the company due to legal disputes.

And BMW established the famous Goodwood factory to manufacture new Rolls-Royce cars.
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