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The premium rent  McLaren Dubai supercar combines maximum power, performance and also visuals in a cohesive and exciting package. McLaren works closely with the McLaren Formula 1 racing team and is a significant part of the British McLaren Group. All current McLaren models contain twin-turbo V8 engines, allowing these cars to achieve even more exceptional acceleration.

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Mclaren Cars at a Glance
McLaren Automotive (formerly McLaren Cars) is a British automobile manufacturer headquartered at the McLaren Technology Center in Woking, England.

The company's main products are supercars, which are produced in-house at dedicated production facilities.

In July 2017, McLaren Automotive became a 100% owned subsidiary of the broader McLaren Group.
Some of our Mclaren cars for rent in Dubai
 Mclaren  720 S Dubai
[caption id="attachment_8305" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Mclaren 720 S[/caption]

Supercars like the 720S feature F1 racing car performance and a fighter fuselage McLaren introduced the 720S Spider last year, but the company chose not to make any meaningful changes to the lineup for 2020.

Here are some descriptions of this wonderful car

Engine and performance

 Powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 producing 710 horsepower and 568 pound-feet of torque.

Seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission with clutch.

60 mph in 2.7 seconds and hit 100 mph in 5.3 points.

Fuel economy

15 mpg in the city, 22 mpg on the highway, and 18 mpg combined.

Technical features


The carbon fiber tub helps reduce weight and ensure rigidity and has a two-seater cabin that meets the needs of the driver

There isn't a lot of space to stow small items in the 720 cabin but at least there's a luggage compartment under the hood.

Infotainment and communication

Each 720S is equipped with a 7.0-inch, vertically oriented touchscreen that includes traditional features like Bluetooth, a four-speaker audio system, two USB ports, and there's also an optional track data logger.

Safety features

This vehicle offers many useful options that help keep it free from dents and dents, and the main driver assistance includes:

   Front and rear parking sensors are available

   Front lift system available

   Backup camera available
Mclaren 570 S Yellow & Red Dubai
[caption id="attachment_8303" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Mclaren 570 S[/caption]

McLaren isn't making any significant changes to the 2020570 lineup. However, the British automaker is adding two new models to its lineup, including the luxury GT and the super-exotic Speedtail.

Here are some descriptions of this wonderful car

Engine and performance

562 hp 3.8liter V-8 engine.

Fast Shift Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission.

The 570S brakes are undisturbed no matter how hard you use them.

Lean towards eliminating back roads at crazy speeds.

It dances when pressed with full force at high speeds.

Fuel economy

24 mpg on the 200-mile highway at 75 mph.

Safety features

Neither of the 570 models have been crash-tested by U.S. agencies, and all are devoid of driver-assistance technology.

Infotainment and communication

A touch screen responds slowly to user inputs and makes the operation of climate and audio control systems more complex than it should be.


The driver and passenger have approximately the same space.

Narrow seats, low seating position and wide door sill make it difficult to get comfortable.

Gives automatic dual-zone climate control, leather seats and a leather headliner.

Poor car for a trip &Charging and storage space is almost non-existent.
Required paperwork and procedures in order to rent a car at EntourageCar.

The documents required to rent a car in Dubai vary for residents and tourists.For example, car rental companies in Dubai usually require residents to show copies of their passport, residence visa, valid UAE driving license and Emirates ID card, and on the other hand, people have to submit the following documents to rent a car in Dubai:

The original passport.
The original visitor visa.
International driver's license for non-residence holders.
Original driver's license from their home country.
For the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, some European countries and the world, a driving license in the country of origin is sufficient.


Identify and order the vehicle

Renting a car in Dubai is easy with Entourage Car and the first thing you need to do in order to request a car rental is to go to the car page within the website and just contact us via phone or WhatsApp +971-50-920-2906.

Reserve a car

If the vehicle is available, we will reserve it for you on the requested date and time, and We deliver it to your exact location.

Receive the car

On the date of delivery, we will send the car to you wherever you are or you can come to the company’s headquarters to receive it yourself. Please bring your documents with you (passport – driver’s license – credit card), and you will receive your car, pay the amount and sign the contract. We do manual inspection for the damages and condition of the vehicle in the contract, and we also take high-quality photos of all corners of the car before we deliver the car to you.
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The latest cars and international models of all types, classes, looks and performance at competitive prices.

Providing distinguished services to keep pace with the latest services in the world car rental market.

Maintenance and repair work is covered during the warranty period, with the ability to pre-book for maintenance whenever you want.

Immediate communication with us by the customer in the event of a sudden breakdown in the car.

The possibility of receiving the car from anywhere the customer chooses.

Free inquiries and reservations by phone or WhatsApp.

Multiple payment options.
Of the frequently asked questions on Mclaren cars
What was the first car made by McLaren?

The 12C was the first McLaren designed and built production car since the legendary F1.

How many cars does McLaren make a year?

McLaren is a British brand of sports cars and supercars, best known for its Formula One team and for what is still regarded as one of the best supercars ever made: the McLaren F1, built in the mid-1990s.

Is McLaren a part of Mercedes?

Mercedes-Benz split with McLaren due to the British team's efforts to built its own road supercar. That is according to the German marque's motor sport chief Norbert Haug, after Mercedes took over the Brawn team and then started to sell back its 40 per cent share in McLaren

What is the most expensive McLaren?

Least Expensive: The McLaren 570S was the least expensive vehicle in the British brand's lineup, setting buyers back around $210,000 for a coupe. ...
Most Expensive: It's no $2.3 million Speedtail, but the McLaren Elva's $1.7 million price tag is nothing to sneeze at.

Why did McLaren leave Mercedes?

One simple reason has to be the change of management in McLaren since then. Zak Brown took over in 2017 and has transformed the fortunes of the team. The American has made smart changes behind the scenes, bringing in Andreas Seidl as Team Principal and Jame Key as Technical Director

Which country buys the most McLaren?

The USA was the largest market for Mclaren cars. In full year 2018, global sales for McLaren Automotive, the British creator of luxury sportscars and supercars, rose to 4,806 cars in 2018 with sales up 43.9% compared to 3340 cars sold in 2017

How much is the cheapest McLaren car?

The 570S still isn't exactly cheap, but at an estimated $180,000, it's set to be by far the cheapest model McLaren has ever sold

About the history of the brand

McLaren Motors Corporation was founded by Bruce McLaren in 1985 and McLaren Automotive is headquartered in the McLaren Technology Centre, along with the rest of the McLaren Group.

The company went on to launch the McLaren F1 in 1992 and between 1994 and 2010 McLaren cars were registered as a "sleeper company", prior to the founding of McLaren Automotive in 2010. The new company was originally separate from the existing McLaren companies to enable it in the new venture.

McLaren founded Bruce McLaren Motor Racing in 1963. A year later, the company built the first McLaren race car - the M1A and the first McLaren Formula 1 car, the M2B, appeared at the Monaco Grand Prix.

After his victories, McLaren was designing and testing a light sports car with a top speed of 165 mph and 0 to 100 mph in eight seconds. However, McLaren died in a car accident in 1970 before the prototype could be completed

In 1980 the company merged with the Ron Dennis' Project 4 Racing team and Dennis, Team Principal, and Gordon Murray began developing a new car and in 1992, F1 was launched with a total production run of just 106 units.

After a brief collaboration with Mercedes-Benz for the SLR McLaren, McLaren Automotive was relaunched as a stand-alone manufacturer in 2010.

In 2017, McLaren announced the construction of the McLaren Vehicle Technology Center and the MCTC was officially opened by the Duke of Cambridge, Duchess of Cambridge and the Crown Prince of Bahrain in November 2018.
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