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Entourage Car: Luxury & Sports Car Rental In Dubai

Entourage Car is a luxury car rental company in Dubai, and we have an important and comprehensive fleet and catalog of models, to offer you the best option for your experience as we work to provide the most famous brands in the world for our customers of sports and luxury cars.

Entourage Car’s mission is to meet the needs and requirements of customers and to do so with a passion that never fades and Our team prides itself on its customer-oriented fundamentals and continually works to successfully satisfy customers every day.

Renting a car from Entourage Car is not only a guarantee of tangibly superior service, but also a guarantee of the model, color and specification on booking and you can not only book your favorite model but you can also organize a customized delivery of the car to anywhere in Dubai.

We constantly offer new and clean cars with professional and experienced drivers and our 24/7 online booking system allows you to rent a car anywhere in Dubai by simply messaging on WhatsApp, and Reservations can be made on the phone or by calling our 24/7 Customer Service Center .

Entourage Car’s range of services includes short term car rental, long term car rental and airport rental services.

Why choose a rental car in Dubai from Entourage Car?

  • Better flexibility regarding vehicle choices.
  • You can directly negotiate certain terms and conditions and payment options, especially if you require a unique or long-term rental service.
  • You can book a car “without commission”.
  • You can communicate with us all the time, seven days a week.
  • You can contact us for free from the “Free Call” service on WhatsApp.

Our principles

Our clients can depend on us to deliver on what we promise and  We want our clients to feel satisfied working with us and proactively look for ways to satisfy them ….Our most important principles:


Our long experience and presence in the market have given us extensive knowledge of fleet and vehicle management and we share this knowledge in a simple and understandable way, listen to our customers and use our expertise to proactively offer them solutions that suit their needs.


We act responsibly towards customers and work for profit by providing sustainable solutions with good value for money, demonstrating consistency between words and deeds, Commitment to ethical principles and conducting business in an modern and reliable manner.


We are proud of our company and the customers we work with and we show this in all our communications and actions,We inspire and motivate the people around us by putting all our capabilities into all our dealings and we work to show our customers that we believe in what we stand for and care.

Happy Customers